It’s a normal day; you woke up on time, had breakfast, showered, put on your scrubs with your most comfortable trainers because you’re scheduled to be on call tonight. Grabbed your stethoscope, a giant water bottle and walked out. “It’s a beautiful day to save lives” you say to yourself as you arrive at work.

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Medical Internship (decisions, decisions, decisions)

The more you progress into medicine the more the topic of internship and specializing starts coming up. Specializing has become a casual topic in conversation in bedside tutorials, at family reunions and gatherings, as you run into old high school mates and teachers at your local shopping center, random inbox messages from childhood friends and just about anyone who knows you. Everyone is more interested in what type of doctor you want to be but not necessarily where you want to become that doctor. Read More »

Advice for freshers (Things I wish I knew before starting university)

Irrespective of your background, university will be new to you, it’s a new environment, a new phase of life, you’ll meet people from all kinds of walks; different races, different age groups, different religions, different sexual orientations, different nationalities and such. Understand that this is suppose to be a time in your life for cultivating relationships, for growth and self-discovery.Read More »

Finally a final year student.

There are things you absolutely look forward to going into medicine; the moment you get to tell your loved one that you’ve been accepted, your first day in class, passing your first exam, owning your first stethoscope, pair of scrubs, lab coat and obviously the day you get to wear all 3 at once. You look forward to the first time you set up a drip successfully, the first time you correctly diagnose a murmur, your first delivery, the first time you assist in theatre, the first time you save a life, the day you become a final year student and the day you graduate. There’s obviously so many other firsts but at this moment these are the ones that come to mind.Read More »

Yann-U-Mentally (an 18 hours Obstetrics call)

I was one of the fortunate or unfortunate 3 students (depending on your stance) scheduled to cover the 9th of August, women’s day for an 18 hours shift. We were expected to be at the hospital from 7am till 1am the following day. I had on a clean ironed set of scrubs, my stethoscope, measuring tape, obstetrics wheel, protocol book and a bag full of food; I was fully equipped for this call. Read More »

Yann-U-Mentally (My first night in Trauma)

Our Trauma rotation starts with a 13 hours weekend shift. As a clinical group we must decide amongst ourselves who’s going to cover which shift starting from 6PM on the Friday to 6PM on the Sunday. I was one of the four brave souls who had decided on covering the Saturday night. This would have been my very first exposure to trauma, ever! and my first overnight shift so I was nervous but really excited too.Read More »