I don’t know (#FeesMustFall)

I feel uncomfortable right now, I don’t know if or when academic activities will be resumed, I don’t know if my exam that was scheduled for next week Tuesday is going to get pushed back and I don’t know what the rest of my academic year is going to look like. I don’t know if my fees for next year are going to increase nor if some of my friends will be able to come back to 5th year next year. Read More »


Intro to SCMD3000, (almost 2 years later)


Coming on as a B.Sc undergrad to enter medicine in 3rd year through the ever growing popular Graduate Entry Medical Program, commonly know as GEMP. I had no reference point as to what medical school was actually going to be like, especially since I hadn’t really known anyone who had gone or who was going through it. My ignorance had me thinking it would be something out of a Grey’s Anatomy episode. Boy, was I wrong!Read More »


#FeesMustFall is probably the most popular phrase in South Africa at the moment. After last year’s protest that resulted in the national shutdown of every university in the country, we all had the gut feeling that this would be happening again at the end of 2016. The minister of higher education called for a maximum of 8% in the fee increment for 2017, before he even finished his speech, student leaders from different universities across the country announced a shutdown.Read More »

Welcome to Medical School

Not many people can forget getting their acceptance letter. Mine came on Friday 16th of January, 2015. All kinds of emotions were shooting through me; excited, nervous, confused. Especially since I had received a similar letter about a month earlier about my application being unsuccessful. Did they make a mistake? Did they change their mind? At this point it all kinda turned into panic; the MBBCh academic year was already two weeks in, I had already registered for my second option which was set to start in 2 weeks. No stationery, no clue what I was getting myself into, no second thoughts; I promptly accepted the offer and from that moment my life was never the same.