I don’t know (#FeesMustFall)

I feel uncomfortable right now, I don’t know if or when academic activities will be resumed, I don’t know if my exam that was scheduled for next week Tuesday is going to get pushed back and I don’t know what the rest of my academic year is going to look like. I don’t know if my fees for next year are going to increase nor if some of my friends will be able to come back to 5th year next year. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do my elective in November, or if I’ll be able to get that holiday job in December. I just don’t know and not knowing is an uncomfortable feeling; an uncomfortable feeling that has kept me awake for the past 5 days now. An uncomfortable feeling that has made it hard to get any work done. An uncomfortable feeling that is now impacting my health. I hate the shutdown but I understand it’s purpose. I feel ill just thinking about how everything is in the air right now, and how I just don’t know, keep in mind it’s only been 5 days. Now that you have wallowed in my 5 day sorrow, take a minute to imagine what it’s like being that person who has had to deal with this “I just don’t know” feeling, and the uncertainty and discomfort it brings everyday of their life because they just can’t afford tertiary education, and don’t know what the rest of their life is going to be like. Imagine being that student that was able to enroll to study but hasn’t been able to focus nor study effectively because they’re just too stressed out by their fees balance and the fact that they have been facing financial exclusion before they even registered. Imagine the burden of poverty and how paralyzing it is. There’s always someone who’s at a disadvantage compare to you, so technically we are all privileged to a certain degree. Let’s be mindful in telling people how they should channel a pain we cannot begin to understand, a despair we have never heard of and an anger we may never feel. I stand with the movement and I will accept whatever name you throw at us in our fight to have our voices heard, in our fight to give access to many, in our fight to make fees fall and in our fight for free quality education.

I hate the shutdown, I hate the violence but I support the movement. Fees have to fall, #FeesMustFall #Asinamali


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