Starting to resemble medicine, maybe a little bit.

Into the second block we go, Life On The Streets (LOTS). By this point we’ve all received our stethoscopes, BP cuff and name tags – you know what this means right? Instagram posts galore. The coolest thing to happen to us since the white lab coats in first year.
The second block introduces the format of teaching for the next 2 years. The mode of teaching remains primarily through lectures and themes session but there’s also the introduction of a Weekly theme, course packs, PBL cases, Hospital day practice, clinical skills and a lot of acronym lectures (PD, PPD, CD) that are also called themes weirdly enough. The highlight of the block remains that we actually end our days at 1pm on Fridays (a moment of silence to appreciate this gift).
The second block is quite intense, each week covers different serious health and social issues, except for the last week that covered Skin infection (really?) but you get to meet the amazing Prof Dusé so it’s far from an anticlimax. I should have probably started with what we covered in the first 4 weeks;

Each week comes with a series of lectures and a course pack (Learning topics – extra information you won’t learn in class but will be tested on in exams, they usually ranges between 20 – 50 odd pages, extra reading – great).
Week 1 covers Malnutrition (We meet little Anna, a one year old baby and the most popular patient in GEMP). It’s mostly anatomy and physiology lectures, a few themes sessions and Biostatistics guy is back to tell us a tale about kings and castles, knights and sorcerers, and a babe in distress – there was a bit of role play.

Week 2 covers Genetics; albinism, Duchene, Marfan syndrome and those guys

Week 3 covers HIV; a mol med flashback: microbiology and more pharmacology. The highlight of the week remains the special guest lecture by Justice Cameron (google him)

Week 4 covers Rape; a bit on STD, some anatomy, J-88 forms, psychology, law component, stigma issues, rape survivor guest speakers and just a lot. It’s quite an emotional week.

In Week 5 there’s some big Afrikaner man who gets a splinter in his finger, I think, can’t really remember. It was quite gruesome though; a lot of skin-eating bad boys. However, we get to meet Prof Dusé, who really equals interesting talks about his dog, the whisky he had the previous night, some really cool excursion he went on to save the world, infection control and, yes more microbiology.
At this point we’re all trying to get used to the medical school environment, we all have lecturers we may like (Prof Dusé, love him) or hate (that genetics lady, sleeping pill on legs). The number of people in the lecture hall have decreased a bit, I’m assuming people want to self-study and that no one has decided to drop out. Friendships have also become a thing. We’re spending some time in the hospital too so that’s exciting (I should probably make a post about this).

Is it starting to resemble medicine now? Well I would hope so, maybe at least a little bit.


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