My textbooks are racist.

Being a black male medical student (yes we do exist), you quickly realize that you’re not just there as you, you are representing your entire race and gender. One that continues to let you down in every way possible but you continue to boldly represent. Being a black male medical student, you’re continuously interacting with teachers and consultants you cannot relate to, not culturally, racially or any other forms of -lly. Read More »


DSM 5 criteria for Medical Student Disorder

Fast forward 18 months from my last entry to Block 11B (or Block 12). Psychiatry, I felt a strong urge to write something about it after having spent the last couple of days trying to understand the difference between delirium, delusions, dementia, depression, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, schizophreniform and schizophrenia all the while diagnosing myself a few times with each of the previously mentioned conditions. Read More »